Welcome To Water Loss Management Pty Ltd

Water Loss Management Pty Ltd was established in 2006 with the aim of carrying on work undertaken by the federal government program that assisted 76 regional NSW water utilities to undertake water loss management projects.

Water Loss Management Pty Ltd has a collaborative approach to project work with a belief that capacity building and knowledge transfer are the two most important legacies of the work we undertake.

Our project work is aimed at helping any size water utility or large water user save water. More importantly these savings should be sustainable and lead to long term availability of additional water through embedded efficiency.

Water Loss Management Pty Ltd have the skills and experience to help you in your efforts to manage your water supply and deliver water to your customers with the lowest levels of water loss.

Meet Our Team

Ian Maggs
Ian MaggsDirector / Technical Specialist
Ian has over 20 years’ experience in the water industry, during which he has become one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Water Loss Management. His specialist skills include flow measurement and analysis, leakage and pressure management, field operations management, and the application of information technology within the water industry. Ian has also developed advanced software for the analysis and estimation of water loss and the economic analysis of pressure management and Active Leakage Detection.

Ian has worked with over 100 water utilities around the world in their efforts to provide water efficiency within their water supply systems. From 2009 to 2011 Ian was Program Manager for the Federal Government Water Loss Management Program which helped regional NSW water utilities to find and fix water leakage and implement continuous monitoring systems to give sustainable water savings. This tightly managed program delivered over 5.5 billion litres of water savings per year and won the AWA NSW Award for Program Innovation in 2012.

In February 2015, Ian was appointed as the Australian regional representative on the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group.

Stuart Stapely
Stuart StapelyNRW Specialist / Victoria State Manager
Stuart Stapely is a chartered water infrastructure professional with 19 years of best practice specialist knowledge in non-revenue water reduction and water civil engineering. He has a dedicated personal interest in the water industry and is passionate about making a positive impact on the natural and built environments.

His proficient project management skills have been gained through responsibility for a portfolio of diverse projects across Australia and overseas. He develops strong client relationships with clear communications to all staff levels to ensure client satisfaction and delivery within agreed targets.

Stuart’s wealth of experience has been developed from the ground level up. He has the full range of non-revenue water skills from active leakage control and field monitoring through to designing water loss management strategies and auditing water authorities.

Stuart is also an active member of the AWA with a position on the Water Efficiency Specialist Network committee; he has also been a member of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group since 2002.

Jorge Meneses
Jorge MenesesProject Engineer
Jorge is our resident nerd with all the technical skills plus the ability to communicate … a rare combination!

Jorge is our guru for telecoms / electrical / PC setup and software and any manner of technical projects that are beyond the standard IT and electrical skills of the rest of the team. His previous role with Railcorp involved telecommunications and IT project management but he is now applying these skills in the water industry.

Jorge hails from Chile ( he came to Australia at the age of 5), so please feel free to call him with a friendly, “Hola”! He is sure to be able to answer your technical questions!

Jorge is also a talented sausage maker and enjoys playing the trumpet,

Martin Shaw
Martin ShawNRW Specialist
Martin has nearly 20 years experience in the field of Non Revenue water (NRW) management. He has managed a number of water industry projects in the UK, throughout South East Asia and
Australia. His areas of expertise include:
 Project Management
 NRW Zone establishment
 Commissioning of infrastructure & data communication systems
 NRW reduction strategy development and execution
 Water Balance calculation and data analysis
 Design & implementation of pressure management schemes

Why are we here?

Our Company Mission

WLM Pty Ltd was established to help water utilities and large water users improve network efficiency in a sustainable manner. Saving water, energy and money is a useful by-product!

Our Philosophy

Treat all our customers suppliers and industry colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves. Share knowledge, build relationships and try our utmost to exceed expectations.

Our way of working

Collaboration is the key. By working with you and your staff to deliver solutions, we aim to build your internal capacity to deliver projects. Yes, we may be doing ourselves out of future work, but I am sure you will come back to us if you need further assistance.