Water Loss Management Pty Ltd is not tied to one supplier of products and solutions. We feel that it is important to be able to offer the best solutions to your water management issues by sourcing tools and products from wherever required. We are committed to searching out innovative products and ensuring that we can provide support wherever necessary. The products shown on this site have been tested not only by us but by water utilities in Australia and overseas.

One of our key aims is to provide a common platform where water management data can be managed. The products we supply are compatible with the Visenti MeterIntel software as many other platforms through their standard protocols.

Cast Alloy Hydrant Cap

Strong, durable and a third of the weight of a standard bronze hydrant cap

Von Roll Ortomat-MT

24-hour leak monitoring for water pipes

WETNET Pulse Flowmeter

Innovative Low-Cost Flowmeter for Water Utilities

Without doubt the alloy hydrant cap is a vast improvement on the old bronze design. No more need for the fork-lift just to transfer these to your car!!! This is now the 3rd generation of alloy hydrant cap and has some great features:
  • Captive rubber gasket continues to seal where other hydrant caps begin to leak
  • Recessed pressure fitting to prevent damage during fitting
  • Low Profile design to fit even the smallest chamber
  • Profile foot to keep the ‘mushroom’ central
  • Safer design due to the body being cast as a single piece


This innovative leakage monitoring technology use a number of measurement methods to detect the location of leaks at an early stage. Water pipes that are operated under pressure can be checked or monitored for leaks in a fast and efficient way – either permanently or just temporarily. The Ortomat MT has 3 measuring modes that can be utilised simultaneously:
  • Night monitoring – 2 hour window
  • 24 Hour monitoring – 1 minute to 24 hour sampling interval
  • Hydro Alert – Threshold alert for water theft with standard time interval of 30 seconds
Each monitoring regime can provide text message alert to the operator upon being triggered. All data can be sent to a Cloud or FTP server for full analysis.
These stand-alone leak monitoring loggers are the easiest on the market to install as they do not require additional repeaters or GSM communication boxes, just program, place them on a fitting and away you go.

WETNET is based on an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system that enables water companies to improve greatly their capacity to control distribution networks in detail, cutting energy costs and emissions and making better use of water resources.

WETNET has been designed for flexibility, incremental deployment and size (number of sensors) scalability, co-existence and/or integration with existing measurement and control systems, minimal maintenance during an acceptable operational life time, to be replaceable and have a very low end-of-life impact. The WETNET software platform allows a wide range of data analytics and visualisation (from simple alerts to simulations and predictions) to support decisions.

WETNET scalability and flexibility makes it fit for major operators as well as for small municipality services.