Water Loss Management Pty Ltd

Water Loss Management Pty Ltd is an independent consultant and product advisory team established to provide strategy, analysis and advice to the water industry. Our specific area of experience is with non-revenue water, asset management programs and innovative technology for the water industry.

Water Loss Management Pty Ltd was established in 2006 to provide services to the Australasian water industry and our staff have worked on projects in all Australian states and many other countries. Our experience covers projects with over 100 water utilities, leading to sustainable water savings with considerable cost benefit.

Our staff have worked for local and federal government, small and large water utilities as well as private engineering consultancy firms.

Collaborative Project Management and Delivery

Collaboration is key to the WLM approach; Projects are carried out in partnership with the client in order to ensure that the delivered work and final report match the client’s expectations. During the project the collaborative approach leads to knowledge transfer and capacity building within the client’s staff.

Why are we here?

Our Company Mission

WLM Pty Ltd was established to help water utilities and large water users improve network efficiency in a sustainable manner. Saving water, energy and money is a useful by-product!

Our Philosophy

Treat all our customers suppliers and industry colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves. Share knowledge, build relationships and try our utmost to exceed expectations.

Our way of working

Collaboration is the key. By working with you and your staff to deliver solutions, we aim to build your internal capacity to deliver projects. Yes, we may be doing ourselves out of future work, but I am sure you will come back to us if you need further assistance.